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Love Mercy Foundation, Women and Communities in Northern Uganda – Huber Social has traveled twice to Uganda to evaluate the impact of Love Mercy’s micro agricultural loan program, ‘Cents for Seeds’. This Wellbeing measurement demonstrated the holistic social impact of Love Mercy to successfully attract additional funding and direct resources to have the greatest impact. The results identified the priority needs for communities by assessing the highest correlates of Wellbeing as well as highest and lowest scoring factors. For Love Mercy, this demonstrated that the two highest correlates of Wellbeing were (1) Time spent in program and (2) access to water. This led to a partnership with ‘Water for Africa’ and improved program design and the articulation of priority of needs has supported successful fundraising activities. Again, the Social Impact Report has been used in several applications to acknowledge their program’s success, including the CEO being awarded the Global Citizen’s Youth Innovation Award.



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Water for Africa

Water for Africa’s aim is to ensure that everybody has access to clean drinking water. They do this by installing and maintaining new water projects in remote communities. Water for Africa have observed in Tanzania there are many abandoned broken wells but the local people don’t have the knowledge and resources to fix them. This lead them to set up a sustainable program where they empower, train and employ local people to be the solution to this problem and benefit the community.