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Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

A nation’s cultural identity acts as an invisible force for understanding, recognition and overall unity. Initiatives that aim to strengthen and grow cultural identity therefore represent immense social value, not only for those directly impacted, but also for greater society to be able to connect and relate to one another, dissolving misunderstanding, fear and isolation.

In this frame, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) represents an Australian National Treasure. Researching and preserving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, the collection holds materials to preserve 185 of our 250+ indigenous languages and the organisation works to impart knowledge and understanding through school-based programs and ad-hoc exhibitions.

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Ascent Foundation, Children and Community, Bangalore India – In 2018 Huber Social commenced and longitudinal Measurement Plan with Ascent Foundation, measuring the Wellbeing and driving factors of the Children and Community of Kammanhali slum in Bangalore. The baseline results have identified the priority needs for the children and different community groups which has informed program design and supported effective collaboration. Focusing on the needs of the children, the highest need factors (which is a combination of the highest correlates of Wellbeing and the lowest scoring factors) were identified as nutrition, access to water and problem-solving skills. This has informed their service delivery priorities to focus on these. Huber Social has since commenced applying the framework across communities they work with throughout India, Malaysia, Kuala Lumper and Africa to give them a consistent portfolio of their impact and the needs of the people they work with.

2018 Social Impact Report


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Feel the Magic, Grieving Children, Mentors and Parents/Guardians, Australia – ‘Feel the Magic’ run Camps for children who are grieving the loss of a parent, sibling or guardian, supported one-on-one by a mentor. Realising the Parents/Guardians of the children also needed help to support their children, Feel the Magic introduced workshops. Huber Social recently measured the impact across all three groups, children, mentors and parents/guardians. There were four summary findings including: (1) the program contributes to positive wellbeing across all groups, (2) the program achieves its target outcomes (there were positive shifts in the capability factors related to the target outcomes of each group), (3) 7-11yr old’s ae more vulnerable to the challenges of grief; and (4) children and parents/guardians that have experienced recent loss have lower levels of Wellbeing then their mentor group. Again, these insights will support program design and fundraising activities.

2018 Annual Social Impact Report



Fly High Billie

After losing their beautiful 12 year old daughter Billie in a freak horse accident in 2016, the Kinder family gathered up her poems, stories, and artwork to create the B Kinder Workbooks.

The B Kinder Workbooks are unique, positive, interactive learning tools that address what it means to be kind and are inspired by one little girl who wanted to make change in the world.  Through Billie’s words, “hope” and her B Kinder workbooks give us the opportunity to view the world through her eyes, the eyes of a beautiful caring soul, the eyes of innocence, belief, and hope.    

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Phoenix House Youth Services, Youth at Risk, NSW - For the past 30 years Phoenix House has provided early intervention and support services to the most challenged young people living in Northern Sydney and delivered life-changing outcomes.

Providing a fully integrated, wrap around service model that places young people at the heart of what they do by building trusting relationships with them over time.

2018 Annual Social Impact Report


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Love Mercy Foundation, Women and Communities in Northern Uganda – Huber Social has traveled twice to Uganda to evaluate the impact of Love Mercy’s micro agricultural loan program, ‘Cents for Seeds’. This Wellbeing measurement demonstrated the holistic social impact of Love Mercy to successfully attract additional funding and direct resources to have the greatest impact. The results identified the priority needs for communities by assessing the highest correlates of Wellbeing as well as highest and lowest scoring factors. For Love Mercy, this demonstrated that the two highest correlates of Wellbeing were (1) Time spent in program and (2) access to water. This led to a partnership with ‘Water for Africa’ and improved program design and the articulation of priority of needs has supported successful fundraising activities. Again, the Social Impact Report has been used in several applications to acknowledge their program’s success, including the CEO being awarded the Global Citizen’s Youth Innovation Award.




Outward Bound Australia

Outward Bound Australia, Menslink Program, ACT Australia - Built on a legacy that recognises the importance of mental resilience alongside physical toughness as important to being in the best position to fulfil your potential, Outward Bound has been delivering courses for over 60 years to communities around the world. For people going through particularly challenging life circumstances, building these mental and physical capabilities are even more important to support their journey. In particular, Outward-Bound Australia (OBA) is working with Menslink to amplify the impact of the organisation’s mentor program. The wilderness program serves as a rite of passage to teach the young men important mental and emotional capabilities and show them what they are a capable of.


Shine Cambodia

Shine Cambodia, Children and Community, Otres Cambodia– Huber Social measured Wellbeing levels of children and the community members of Otres Cambodia to inform program design for Shina Cambodia. This was achieved through a 1-week field trip including translated hard copy surveys, direct observation and focus groups. Again, identifying the needs of the children and community groups, the results have provided Shine Cambodia with a roadmap action plan which has supported effective fundraising activities.

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Stepping Stone House, Youth at Risk, NSW – Stepping Stone House fill an important gap in the out-of-home care and youth homelessness service sector; supporting children from the age of 12 up to at least 24 yrs, well beyond government support services. Their holistic wrap around support service model provides a family like environment for youth at risk and had been getting great results for the young people in their care for over 25 years. Beyond individual stories, Stepping Stone House had struggled to communicate and prove the effectiveness of their services. Huber Social has been measuring their impact since December 2016, through tracking the Wellbeing of youth in their care. This enabled them to identify the areas that needed to be addressed to maximise young people’s Wellbeing and the program outcomes. For example, early results identified factors across resilience were low for young people in their care. They trialled a Resilience building program and the measurement demonstrate it had been effective to build resilience and promote Wellbeing. This justified investing in the program long term. In addition, Huber Social’s Impact Report, and the independent assessment of their service model, was cited as the key piece of evidence that resulted in Stepping Stone House being awarded the Australian Service Excellence Award by the Association of Children’s Welfare Agencies.

2018 Annual Social Impact Report




StreetWork is a non-denominational, for-purpose, community organisation working with 'at risk' young people affected by crime, mental health issues, violence, destructive relationships, social isolation, homelessness, those disengaged from school or with poor employment opportunities and those impacted by alcohol and substance abuse, to turn their lives around.