Social Impact Certification


Prove and Improve your Social Impact

Gold Standard Proof Impact

  • Globally recognised independent assessment of your effectiveness, accountability and transparency. We certify across the three building blocks required to maximise your social outcomes: Governance, Plan and Impact.

Benchmark and Calculate Social Return on Investment 

  • A universally comparable calculation of your social value. Attract investment/donors. 

Actionable Results to Grow Impact

  • Measures Impact, Outcomes and Driving Factors for Actionable Results 

  • Active measurement system for continuous improvement

Measure What Really Matters

  • Too often organisations are held to ransom by performance metrics not aligned to what they are actually trying to achieve. The goal for each of us is the same, to be in the best position to achieve our own Wellbeing. We measure Wellbeing and our individual capability and opportunity needs are to achieve it.

Huber Certification Levels.png

3 Building Blocks to maximise your impact

We measure social impact to be able to prove a service is effective at meeting the needs of people, as well as inform improving services to ensure resources are directed to have the greatest impact. 

Huber Social Certification involves making sure your organisation is set up for success across the 3 building blocks to maximise your social impact.

  1. Plan

  2. Governance

  3. Measure

This delivers evidence based confidence that resources are directed to have the greatest impact.