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Shine Cambodia


Measuring Wellbeing and Driving Factors | Otres, Cambodia

Shine Cambodia is a Melbourne-based youth led charity that provides free education to the Otres Community in Cambodia. A closed down school was transformed into an education program, that has provided education for over 150 students within its first two years of operation. Shine Cambodia’s programs are wholistic, working to remove the barriers to education by addressing social inequalities within the community.

As Shine Cambodia expands to meet its target to create a sustainable community, a data driven approach to measuring the impact of services, will deliver confidence to the team and supporters that the mission is being achieved and resources are directed to have the greatest impact.

Working with Shine Cambodia to understand the context and complex challenges for the Otres Community, Huber Social is delivering an active measurement system to prove and improve the social value created by Shine Cambodia.


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Proving the  Social Value of Shine Cambodia

SOCIAL IMPACT Measurement Report

The Report is the first in a series of Social Impact Reports that will track imapct, at an individual, community and global level by mapping to the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Coming soon :  dashboard reporting for active progress tracking.


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