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Ascent Foundation, Children and Community, Bangalore India – In 2018 Huber Social commenced and longitudinal Measurement Plan with Ascent Foundation, measuring the Wellbeing and driving factors of the Children and Community of Kammanhali slum in Bangalore. The baseline results have identified the priority needs for the children and different community groups which has informed program design and supported effective collaboration. Focusing on the needs of the children, the highest need factors (which is a combination of the highest correlates of Wellbeing and the lowest scoring factors) were identified as nutrition, access to water and problem-solving skills. This has informed their service delivery priorities to focus on these. Huber Social has since commenced applying the framework across communities they work with throughout India, Malaysia, Kuala Lumper and Africa to give them a consistent portfolio of their impact and the needs of the people they work with.

2018 Social Impact Report