Location: Sydney

Languages: Only English fluently, but trying to develop my Luo (Uganda) and Swahili (Tanzania) with each trip.

What is your experience (roles/projects/sectors)?

My professional life has been split in two for a number of years. Over several roles I’ve been  invested in rural communities across Africa. I’ve worked extensively in both Tanzania (St Johns Orphanage, St James Secondary School) and Uganda (Love Mercy Foundation). While facilitating projects empowering disadvantaged populations through access to health, education and employment, I was simultaneously pursuing honors in Psychology, gaining experience in research and data analysis. Huber’s Wellbeing Framework marries these two passions, working with disadvantaged communities, and promoting psychological health.

 What do you bring to the Huber ‘Hive’ Community?

I plan to use my experience to help refine the existing Wellbeing Framework, as Huber expands across new sectors.

How would you like to use the Huber Social Wellbeing Framework? What sectors or areas interest you?

The current aim is to apply the Wellbeing Framework annually to Love Mercy Foundation’s projects in Uganda; Cents for Seeds and the Kristina Health Clinic. The data allows us to communicate our progress to supporters, as well as refine our projects to create the greatest impact with the resources we have.

Contact details:

Phone number: 0438 412 956

Email: katie.ballesty@hubersocial.com.au

LinkedIn Profile: Kate Ballesty

Accreditation Status: Completed training in Sydney, started first project measuring the Love Mercy Cents for Seeds program.