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Good Futures

Measure what matters, a new approach to impact measurement

You’ve probably heard the line before, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” But in a world where inequality and the scarcity of resources are both increasing, perhaps a better statement is, “measure what matters”.

Georgina Camp is CEO and founder of Huber Social, a social impact consulting firm that wants to enable all organisations to measure their impact.

It’s something her background has certainly prepared her for… she started out in the army, then she studied law, before she shifted into humanitarian work with a masters in development studies.
The culmination of it all is Huber Social, and in my conversation today we dig into the organisation’s path towards growth, why impact measurement is more important than ever, for all organisations, and the pro’s and cons of using surveys to gather data.

I also took the opportunity to ask how I might put together a questionnaire for YOU! my listeners! That’s right I’m keen to get some insights about why you listen, what you like and dislike, and maybe even start to measure the impact that I’m having as the Good Future podcast grows and evolves.

So here it is, my survey, to give you the chance to tell me your thoughts, and let me know the impact the podcast is having on you.

Plus! One lucky survey-participant will win a book from those recommended by my guests.


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Brilliant Perth

Measuring the Wellbeing of the Planet

In Episode #7 of 💎Brilliant Perth💎 I'm chatting with the brilliant Georgina Camp, CEO and Founder of Huber Social. Georgie has just moved back to Perth from Sydney and is doing some incredible work with Huber locally and globally. We chat about her career in management consulting, why she's so passionate about measuring success through human well-being and why she moved back home to our Brilliant City!

My 3 key takeaways: 

💎#1 If you want to help people you should be accountable to their needs, so let's measure well-being when targeting impact!

💎#2 Community is thriving in Perth and is what lures our most brilliant people back!  

💎#3 Quantifying our progress against The United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals is a tricky one, and should be driven by an overlying well-being measurement. Countries like Bhutan are moving away from GDP to well-being (and happiness) as a measure of progress.  


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Good Will Hunters

Social Impact, Meaningful Participation and the Stock Exchange

Welcome to Episode 7 of Good Will Hunters! In todays episode I chat with Georgina Camp, the CEO of Huber Social, an innovator bringing a fresh approach to solving complex social challenges. Georgie was introduced to me by Caitlin Barrett, the CEO of Love Mercy Foundation who we had on the show a few weeks ago. Georgie and Caitlin worked together on assessing the impact of the Cents for Seeds Program in Uganda. Georgie’s passion for reinventing the way we measure social value and reconsidering what truly contributes to wellbeing is apparent from the moment she starts speaking! She’s a trail-blazing leader, innovator and thinker and I’m thrilled to introduce you to her today. 

Georgie and I chat about the importance of measuring social value alongside financial value, and the method Huber Social uses to determine the contribution a product or service makes to an individuals wellbeing. We chat about Amartya Sen’s ‘Capabilities Approach’ and other methodologies for analysing wellbeing, and chat about what the future looks like for the world of impact measurement. It’s an inspiring, technical, thought-provoking discussion. Also, unfortunately we had some technical issues in this discussion which you may pick up on at times! We record via Skype so this is bound to happen occasionally. 

To learn more about Huber Social, check out their website at www.hubersocial.com.au 

1:40 - The origins of Huber Social
4:04 - Complex social problems
6:24 - Connecting wellbeing with wealth 
9:03 - Measuring social value
14:08 - Huber Social’s work in Uganda
20:00 - Ensuring women participate meaningfully
22:30 - The New Economics
33:25 - Redefining value in the private sector
35:48 - Measuring development more effectively