Sleeping under the Stars with Stepping Stone House


Its a pretty spectacular sight! A massive sleepover set just next to the beautiful Sydney Harbour Bridge. People spend hundreds of dollars to stay in the five star hotel alongside. But the generous particpants of the annual Stepping Stone House Sleep Under the Stars paid thousands to sleep there in cardbaord boxes. 

Another spectacular success for the team at Stepping Stone House raising over $270,000 to help more homeless young people turn their lives around.

Huber Social has been working with Stepping Stone House for the last 2 years to keep making sure they are having the greatest impact and prove how they get such great results for young people in their care. 

Specifically, Stepping Stone House fills provides a home like environment, with stability and safety for young people up until the age of 26. A complete wrap around support network to build their capability and provide opportuntiies to live a life of value. 

Donate here and get on board for next year's event : Stepping Stone House