Huber Social and Love Mercy Join Forces for the Best Measure of Success; Impact.


Love Mercy and Huber Social are taking a stand against the obsession with administration costs to make impact the key measure of success.

Love Mercy’s mission is to empower the women and communities of rural Uganda through their ‘Cents for Seeds Program’. The female farmers, many of whom have 5 or more children, have started their own businesses after receiving a loan of seeds coupled with agricultural and financial literacy training. The Cents for Seeds micro loan agriculture program has helped over 12,000 women across Uganda since 2010.

“We know that this program works because we chat to women all the time and her their success stories. What we want to do now is prove it with data and solid mapping,” said Love Mercy CEO Caitlin Barrett.

Huber Social’s Wellbeing Measurement Framework does exactly that, measures that someone is in the best position to succeed, or in other words, is empowered. Applying the measurement framework in the context of rural villages of Uganda, we map holistic needs and identify what matters most for someone’s wellbeing, tracking results across all domains; environmental, physical, emotional and social.


Huber Social measures wellbeing because this is the best way to tell if a program is making an impact, the right impact, on each person’s life.  This is what Love Mercy wanted to be sure of, with their rapidly expanding program, aiming to reach 20,000 women in rural Uganda by the end of 2018.  

Huber Social will return to Uganda in February 2018 to continue the to map the wellbeing levels of women, across the 10 areas Love Mercy operates to be able to further inform how resources are directed to have the greatest impact.

Huber Social and Love Mercy want to send a clear message, that if we continue to obsess over the cost to income ratio, we fail to measure charities core purpose– to solve complex social issues. Whilst Love Mercy maintain an appropriately lean 28% spend on administration costs, donors should applaud Love Mercy in investing to measure their impact and make sure they are putting women in the best position to succeed, growing stronger communities from the ground up.

The initial impact report will be released in January 2018 and you will be able to track the progress via our websites. We encourage you to give to Love Mercy with confidence that money is spent to have the greatest impact.