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Beyond Good Grades: Measuring What Matters in the Education Ecosystem

Facilitating student success, enabling student wellbeing and delivering a high quality learning experience are common priorities for many education leaders. If we are to work towards fulfilling these shared missions we need to have metrics aligned with measuring the achievement of wellbeing and the ‘transformative’ impact of education across the learning ecosystem. Current measurement indicators for students and education institutions however, are often heavily centred around academic attainment ‘outputs’, with NAPLAN results and ATAR scores being notable examples in the school sector.

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Huber Social and Love Mercy Join Forces for the Best Measure of Success; Impact.

Love Mercy and Huber Social are taking a stand against the obsession with administration costs to make impact the key measure of success.  

Love Mercy’s mission is to empower the women and communities of rural Uganda through their ‘Cents for Seeds Program’. The female farmers, many of whom have 5 or more children, have started their own businesses after receiving a loan of seeds coupled with agricultural and financial literacy training. The Cents for Seeds micro loan agriculture program has helped over 12,000 women across Uganda since 2010.

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