Our Vision

Pursuit of Collective Wellbeing.


The human development agenda, of at least the past 60 years, has evidenced that economic growth alone is not the answer to solving the world’s complex social issues. The economic growth agenda has resulted in the astonishing wealth gap, where the world’s most undeveloped countries have gone backwards in disadvantage; experiencing worsening levels of disease, war, life expectancy and debt. Each year 600,000 children still die of preventable or treatable diseases and every 3.6 seconds a person dies of starvation.

Whilst the world’s civil society appears apathetic, we are not blind.  Forces of globalisation, that work to collate and share the damning evidence, have resulted in a new level of collective enlightenment. The mantra that more money will make us happy, or the world a better and safer place, has been silenced.

We now need to turn this realisation into practical action to create real social change.


Abandoning an economic growth agenda is not an option. Wealth creation and economic growth will continue to dominate as no one wants to be left behind. We need to find a way to connect wellbeing creation with wealth creation to therefore effect this change.

The system that Huber Social is generating achieves this by:

  • Measuring social outcomes and their value to society to connect with funding and generate financial return; and
  • Rewarding social service providers for how well they contribute to wellbeing creation.

Huber Social is bringing to life a unique system that attributes ‘value’ in terms of how much something contributes to wellbeing creation. This system addresses the needs of vulnerable people in our society so that they can contribute to, not detract from, moving towards Collective Wellbeing.

Georgina Camp   Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Georgina Camp

Chief Executive Officer, Founder


Huber Social Mission Statement

The Vision is for a global society where wellbeing thrives. Where actions that contribute to giving each of us the best chance to fulfil our full potential drive what we value in society; a system that creates Collective Wellbeing and no one is left behind.

  • Our vision is a society that systematically improves the lives of those in need
  • Our mission is to solve complex social problems
  • Our strategy is to work with partners to grow their social impact exponentially

The Huber Social team is unified in the pursuit of Collective Wellbeing.