Screen : Set Up for Success


The Plan and Governance for Sustainable Success

The ‘Screen’ process is Step 1 in gaining Huber Social Value Certification. However, unlike other certification processes, the value goes very much both ways.

We have developed a set of tools that develop or refine the governance and plan in place. Upon completion, the organisation is delivered back a clear and independently reviewed set of documents to support internal decision making as well as provide evidence based confidence to donors and investors.

This process is used by investors or donors to have confidence in the selection of organisations to be funded, or by the organisations themselves, either looking of support in their planning process and to make themselves attractive to funders.

There are three levels to the Screen Process that increase in graduating levels of rigour. Upon completion, the organisation is published on the Huber Social Website, and connected to our network of funders, as successfully Level 1, 2 or 3 Screened.


  • Certified Governance Pack including Administrations costs group by defined expenditure groups

  • Logic Model

  • Recommendations to Optimise

  • Successful Organisations Published at Relevant Screen Level

Click Image to Download a Copy

Click Image to Download a Copy