Social Impact Measurement


Why Measure your Social Impact?

We measure social impact to be able to prove a service is effective at meeting the needs of people, as well as inform improving services to ensure resources are directed to have the greatest impact. 

Social impact measurement to date has been bespoke, expensive and onerous. Nor do existing measures enable you to decide how to direct your resources across programs for greatest impact or provide specific guidance on how to improve each program.

Huber Social has solved this problem by developing a cost-effective Social Impact Measurement Package to measure your social impact. 



Standard package includes templates and tools to Plan, Measure and Optimise your Impact. It includes a baseline and the first measurement with a summary Social Impact Report.


  • Social Return on Investment

  • Cost Benefit Calculations

  • Bench-marking

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Annual Social Impact Reports


Social Impact Measurement Package

Huber Social Impact Measurement Package involves 3 easy steps:


    We build or review your Impact Logic Model to make sure your mission is achievable and measurable.


    Applying the Huber Social Wellbeing Measurement Framework we measure your IMPACT, OUTCOMES, NEEDS and ACTIVITIES to help you evaluate your effectiveness.


    Findings delivered on the needs of your customers as well as the impact. So you can Prove and Improve your outcomes.

    We draw on the Huber Social Wellbeing Data Centre, research and surveys to calculate your social value creation.

Social Impact Measurement is Key to Sustainable Success



Our standard package is designed to suit most programs

  • With clearly defined entry and exit points, or other milestones

  • Where program participants have online access

  • Where the shifts in Wellbeing measured can reasonably be attributed to the program

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Additional services are available, including:

  • Survey design support and project management of setup and data collection.

  • Huber Social Impact Report – a comprehensive report on your social impact based, usually for inclusion in your organisation’s annual report.

  • Statistical analysis of the data including correlations between Wellbeing, capability and opportunity.

  • Customisation of the online dashboard.


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