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To PROVE a service is effective at meeting the needs of the people you seek to help.



To IMPROVE impact by identifying where to best focus delivery resources, innovation and collaboration.

“Having a detailed impact report provided by Huber has enabled us to back up our claim that Cents for Seeds works and has a measurable impact. We have been able to put solid, indisputable research behind why our program has been so successful. Using a wellbeing framework, we have proven to our donors and potential donors that our approach is holistic and it works for an entire community. As a result we have seen an increase in donations and a deeper connection between our donors and our programs. ”
— Caitlin Barrett, CEO, Love Mercy Foundation



Huber Social Impact Measurement

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Huber Social recognises the overall goal of all social impact is to put people in the best position to fulfil their potential and achieve Wellbeing. 

The part that differs, are the needs of each of us to be in this position. Therefore, to measure the effectiveness of programs, Huber Social measures shifts in Wellbeing (Impact), as well as shifts the capability and opportunity needs of people (Program Outcomes), to be able to prove the impact of programs as well as inform how delivery may be improved.  

The rigour and independence of Huber Social has seen our clients recognised as exemplars in service delivery and their approach to social impact.





Social Impact Measurement

Each step of the Social Impact Measurement process produces deliverables to maximise your social impact.

Certification delivers you a:

  1. Social Impact Measurement Plan

  2. Measurement System

  3. Reporting




Learn how to Measure Social Impact

Build your social impact measurement capability and become a Huber Social Impact Consultant.

  • Maximise social outcomes for your own or other organisations.

  • Contribute to solving social issues.

  • Create systemic change through measuring what really matters.



Global and Local Partnerships

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