Why Measure Social Impact?

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The effectiveness of services to meet the needs of people.

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Data driven insights to maximise impact through targeted investment, innovation and collaboration.



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Why Huber Social?


Measures True Impact

A data driven approach to measure the needs of people and evaluate effectiveness of services informed directly by the people impacted.

Actionable Insights

Analysis identifies where to direct resources to have the greatest impact and measure shifts over time.

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Comparable results

Compare effectiveness of services to identify and scale what works.

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Independent Proof

To put social value alongside financial value, equality in rigour and independent assessment is key.

“If you work with people, the goal is always the same; to put them in the best position to fulfil their potential and achieve Wellbeing.”

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Why Wellbeing?


HUber Social Measures ‘Wellbeing’ as the goal of all social impact.

Although we all face different challenges, the goal for each of us is the same; Wellbeing.

Wellbeing is a measure of personal satisfaction with life.

It requires have the capability and opportunity to be in the position to fulfil your potential and live the life you value.

We measure Wellbeing, and the capability and opportunity needs of people, individually and longitudinally to deliver a global Wellbeing Database that informs decision making at every level.

The goal is to create an environment where people can reach their full potential. A life they value. The rest becomes inputs.
— Selim Jahan, Director Poverty Practice UNDP, HDCA Conference, Cape Town, South Africa 2017




Social Impact Measurement

Each step of the Social Impact Measurement process produces deliverables to maximise your social impact.

Certification delivers you a:

  1. Social Impact Measurement Plan

  2. Measurement System

  3. Reporting



Learn how to Measure Social Impact

Build your social impact measurement capability and become a Huber Social Impact Consultant.

  • Maximise social outcomes for your own or other organisations.

  • Contribute to solving social issues.

  • Create systemic change through measuring what really matters.


Global and Local Partnerships

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